Ross Engineers offers specialised Structural Engineering services for projects in the Inner West of Sydney.
Structural engineering for Inner West projects

Ross Engineers has structural engineering skills specific to the types of buildings typically found in the inner west suburbs of Sydney. These skills, acquired over hundreds of projects, add tremendous value to your project through our ability to successfully address the unique engineering needs of these inner Sydney suburbs.

Inner west properties often undergo alterations and additions, as knockdown rebuilds are generally not permitted due to the buildings being in heritage conservation areas. The structures we encounter are quite often terraces or semi-detached. The engineering design for each building is often bespoke, as they are not modular or project-type structures. Older buildings often require remediation strategies as part of the new structure design.

Ross Engineers' credentials:

  • We understand site constraints and appropriate material selection (site access can be difficult on these sites).
  • We have developed in-house, specialised design, modelling and analysis skills for the types of structures typically found in the inner west.
  • Our design is aided with specialist structural software — 3D and linear modelling for concrete, steel and timber.
  • Our principal engineer has more than 10 years' experience in construction and 15 years' experience in design. Our staff are all qualified engineers.
  • Ross Engineers is more than 13 years old and has designed over 3,000 alterations and additions projects for inner city architecturally designed homes.
  • Our principal engineer is a NER chartered civil and structural engineer, as well as a registered Class 2 Design Practitioner in Civil, Structural and Façade.
  • Clients benefit from potential savings and efficiencies due to being able to service both civil and structural designs required for inner city projects.
  • Ross Engineers is familiar with local council’s stormwater codes.
  • We are familiar with the relevant Australian standards for structural design — loading, concrete, steel, and timber.