A specialist structural engineer can make a significant contribution to a home's resale value. Unlike general contractors or architects, structural engineers have a deep understanding of the factors influencing a building's integrity.
Why using a specialist structural engineer produces the best results for your home

A structural engineer's attention to detail ensures expert oversight during structural alterations or additions. This expertise not only guarantees the safety and longevity of a home but also enhances its market value.

Homebuyers value properties with a proven history of expert structural assessment and modifications. Inner West properties generally are subject to alterations and additions, as knock down rebuild is generally not permitted as many buildings are in heritage conservation areas.

The structures are quite often terraces or semi-detached and the engineering design is often very unique or custom designed. Structures are typically not modular or not project builds.

More than 3000 alterations and additions

Ross Engineers is over 12 years old, and we have designed more than 3000 alterations and additions projects for inner city architecturally designed homes.

Our Staff are all qualified engineers.

Structural engineering in the Inner West.

In the Inner West of Sydney there are many older buildings that often require remediation strategies as part of the new structure design. It is critical that the engineering design is done at the highest level to ensure your building works are done correctly. This will ensure your home is what you wanted it to be as well as enhancing the value of your home into the future.

We consistently deliver outstanding structural engineering design for projects in the inner west due to our specialised engineering skills.

At Ross Engineers we have specialised tools and staff specifically for Inner West structures.

There are many factors involved in the successful outcome for your home renovations and additions and your structural engineering is a vital factor to ensure a great result. The result you want and not be frustrated and disappointed with the process of enhancing your house.

We understand site constraints. Often site access can be difficult, and we are able to use our systems to solve this issue.

Suitable material selection is fundamental to achieving the result you want.

We have developed in-house, specific design modelling and analysis skills for these types of structures. Moreover, design is aided with specialist structural software — 3D and linear modelling for concrete, steel and timber.

In addition, we are completely familiar with local council’s stormwater codes so there are no surprises through the building project.

We are up to date with the relevant Australian standards for structural design — loading, concrete, steel, and timber.

Our principal engineer has 10 years’ experience in construction and 15years experience in design.

Our principal engineer registered and chartered as a civil and structural engineer.