Ross Engineers is a multidisciplinary consultancy of structural engineers whose uniquely talented team members are motivated and passionate about providing innovative solutions in structural design.

Continually seeking the best balance between form and function, sustainability and constructability, our team of engineers work intelligently to bridge the gap between architect, engineer and builder. We consistently challenge ourselves to find new ways to design and deliver projects faster, more efficiently while never compromising on safety and standards.

We have completed thousands of projects all over Sydney

We provide structural engineering services to homeowners, architects, commercial clients and developers for a variety of projects. From large and big budget projects to simple and smaller sized briefs, we are capable and experienced in providing expert engineering services.

Our Engineers

Our engineers utilize state of the art structural finite analysis software and advanced 3D modelling and are well versed in the use of steel, concrete, timber, masonry, aluminium and composite panels in building design. Staying in touch with technological advances in engineering and design, we are continually up-skilling with new 3D programs that seamlessly interface with architectural software programs.

Inner West Experts

Ross Engineers has structural engineering skills specific to the types of buildings typically found in the Inner West suburbs of Sydney. These skills, acquired over hundreds of projects, can add tremendous value to your project through our ability to successfully address the unique engineering needs of these inner-Sydney suburbs.

Ross Engineers' Inner West credentials:

  • We understand site constraints and appropriate material selection (site access can be difficult on these sites).
  • We have developed in-house, specialised design, modelling and analysis skills for the types of structures typically found in the inner west.
  • Our design is aided with specialist structural software — 3D and linear modelling for concrete, steel and timber.
  • Our principal engineer has more than 10 years' experience in construction and 15 years' experience in design. Our staff are all qualified engineers.
  • Ross Engineers is more than 13 years old and has designed over 3,000 alterations and additions projects for inner city architecturally designed homes.
  • Our principal engineer is a NER chartered civil and structural engineer, as well as a registered Class 2 Design Practitioner in Civil, Structural and Façade.
  • Clients benefit from potential savings and efficiencies due to being able to service both civil and structural designs required for inner city projects.
  • Ross Engineers is familiar with local council’s stormwater codes.
  • We are familiar with the relevant Australian standards for structural design — loading, concrete, steel, and timber.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Ross Engineers?

We are a team of professional and passionate engineers, striving to deliver the best results to YOU. We have over 30 years of engineering expertise with a background in the building industry. We have completed over 10,000 projects throughout NSW…and counting. We use state of the art structural finite analysis software and Advanced 3D modelling.

What is the process involved in getting engineering drawings?

Ross Engineers can prepare engineering drawings for your project.

  1. Please send us your architectural or concept plans for review.
  2. We will provide you a firm, fixed-fee proposal for your approval.
  3. Once approved, we will start the design process by carrying out an initial site inspection, together with clients and architects, to discuss questions and methodology.
  4. We will then commence concept design and detailing and provide preliminary plans for review.
  5. Once approved, we issue final drawings and certificates.

What if we require changes to our drawings after finalisation?

If changes are required that involve minimal time, we carry this out at no extra cost. All other additional works are always quoted upfront, at reasonable rates.